About #TechCBRE

#TechCBRE - Delivering a competitive edge through digital transformation

Real estate technologies and rapidly shifting customer expectations are revolutionising space.

#TechCBRE explores the challenges faced by our investor and occupier clients around efficiency, productivity, flexibility, visibility and experience; and demonstrates the strategic advice and product solutions we can bring to solve these challenges and deliver a competitive advantage.

We also recognise that there is a significant amount of tech disruption which will have a lasting impact on real estate over the next five to ten years.

#TechCBRE examines five important tech mega trends: Robotic Process Automation, Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Blockchain and Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, and considers the effects of, and the opportunities provided by, these technologies.

Contact our Tech Experts to find out how CBRE can deliver the best advice and the best tech to give you a competitive edge. Contact tech.experts@cbre.com.

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