The experience of the end user is changing real estate decision making for investors and occupiers like never before.

The digitally-enabled, tech-savvy customer has higher expectations than ever. Listen to industry experts discuss this disruption.

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A smart approach

Alex Rose, Asset IQ Product Manager, looks at how to boost tenant well-being and satisfaction in your offices
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Culture club

Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager, looks at how to use CBRE’s Floored Plans to bring brand values to life
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A lasting impression

Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager, looks at using 3D technology to visualise look and feel
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In the bag

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at how to bridge the gap between shopping centres, stores and the end consumer
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Delivering a great employee experience

Stella Canivenc, Host Product Manager, looks at how changing consumer expectations are changing our workplaces for the better
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