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A lasting impression

Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager, looks at using 3D technology to visualise look and feel

Brands today are judged more scrupulously than ever. In an age where business leaders constantly peer over their shoulder for any hint of reputational risk, their customers and their employees look far deeper than their own direct experiences in sizing up the brands they engage with.

This shifting perspective has placed renewed importance on the values that underpin a business and the culture that brings these to life. And buildings are pivotal in exuding this culture and creating an environment that lives and breathes the morals that a business stands for.

The problem

As brand experience plays a greater role in shaping stakeholders’ perceptions, it’s down to businesses to do all they can to enhance this. And the buildings they choose to reside stand at the heart of their success.

Injecting brand experience into a working or customer-facing environment is a masterful art

Straightforward as this may seem, injecting brand experience into a working or customer-facing environment is a masterful art. And as landlords engage with tenants, who in turn enlist their own internal expertise to unlock their brand power and working ethos within a workspace, it can be difficult to visualise how concepts will play out in reality.

CBRE's solution: Floored Build

3D visualisation can transform this process. By virtually creating a built-out space that is based on plans, visions and renderings, users can truly demonstrate not just the look, but the feel and experience that will come hand in hand with that building.

How CBRE can help:

CBRE devised its Floored Build solution to provide a shared and consistent vision of a building’s environment and the experience of the users within. Using a videogame-style lens, the interactive programme has redefined the way in which building professionals visualise space.

Floored Build not only brings businesses’ full stakeholders closer to a shared vision and building experience, but the tool’s accessibility has been proven to engender employee engagement and enhance corporate culture.

The web-based solution incorporates input from developers, architects and internal stakeholders and uses sketches, photos, floor and CAD plans to build a virtual 3D model. Fully interactive, CBRE’s Floored Build helps landlords market their visions and gives tenants the freedom to imagine possibilities, experiment with space and turn ideas into reality.

 The client’s perspective:

“One of Hines’ newest building concepts, T3 combines the aesthetic, spatial volumes and warmth of older brick and timber buildings with state-of-the-art amenities and systems. Hines worked with Floored Build to create amazing interactive 3D experiences for the lobby, amenities and office space that effectively communicated how impressive and differentiated the T3 concept is proving to be. Together, T3 and Floored Build are game changers for commercial real estate.”

- Steve Luthman, Senior Managing Director, Hines

VR glasses

Floored Build: a snapshot

Part of CBRE’s Vantage suite of innovations, Floored Build can be used in tandem with Floored Plans, which provides an invaluable 2D perspective of space and its potential, in line with user or end user objectives. With intricate views of employee spaces and external outlooks, Floored Build connects users with their future working environments, from the comfort of their own desks.

Key features:

  • Create: Floored Build offers a bespoke, mobile-optimised 3D experience by recreating existing spaces, visualising remodelled spaces or demonstrating planned sites that have not yet broken ground.
  • Explore: Users can virtually tour environments in fully interactive 3D, exploring internal space and exterior environments from any remote location.
  • Customise: Having identified an asset’s prime spaces, Floored Build’s pioneering technology brings these areas to life, enhancing features, views and individuality, and maximising their potential.
  • Share: 3D experiences can easily be shared via web links and embedded into sites and presentations.
  • Repurpose: Floored Build doesn’t stop at the sales process. The 3D-rendered spaces are delivered and can be shared easily via weblinks. The visuals can then be used as the basis for additional content and collateral, including screenshots, 2D renderings and promotional videos.

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Floored Build could make the difference you need in a fast-changing and increasingly complex world. To see how design can breathe life into your building, contact Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager – alexandra.rose@cbre.com or call +44 7900 737 876

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