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The art of the possible

Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager, looks at using visuals to create flexible spaces

Buildings are versatile and can often have unrealised potential. While property professionals have an undisputed eye for real estate, its purpose and its scope, there can sometimes be a disconnect between tenants, their own visions and expectations, and figuring out the best way to ensure flexibility within a space.

The problem

Bridging this gap can make all the difference in a competitive market. Investors may have a clear understanding of their assets’ potential but conveying this to the tenants to translate this into reality can be a difficult task. And getting this right could make all the difference in creating a space that is optimised for tenant wellbeing and satisfaction, with maximum flexibility.

CBRE's solution: Floored Build

With an abundance of rentable real estate spanning multiple asset types nationwide, landlords and investors need more than ever to resonate with prospective occupiers.

As occupiers search for the right properties to house their people and their operations, with an increasing focus on flexible spaces, they need a compelling vision that goes beyond paper and foundations: they need to see how their future could look in that building.

And this is where 3D visualisation comes into play.

How CBRE can help:

Floored Build draws on CBRE’s market leading Flex Leasing expertise, to translate paper or computer-based sketch outs into a 3D perspective. The web-based solution uses a videogame-like lens to give real estate professionals and their tenants the capacity to explore properties from every angle, inside and out - whether they exist or not.

Powered by a dedicated team of experts, Floored Build draws on insight from clients, architects and other real estate advisors to develop a virtual vision of a building environment.

It’s about creating a space that is optimised for tenant well being and satisfaction, with maximum flexibility

Floored Build gives prospective tenants the freedom to virtually walk the floor of an asset and understand its potential in their future - whether this is a shopping centre, a new or repositioned office, residential multi-family properties or industrial builds. This is an invaluable way to visualise alternative layouts designed for maximum flexibility.

The 3D visualisation tool gives users a real-time view of floorplans and the impact any adjustments could have on that building and their use of the space within.

The client’s perspective:

“Macerich used Floored Build to showcase the vision for two of our fashion outlet projects and found the team to be highly responsive, engaging and intuitive to our needs. The interactive nature of Floored Build allows our leasing team to tour clients through a unique and immersive experience, bringing the vision to life long before the first foundation is poured. Floored Build has set the new standard for communicating about retail environments.”

- Tina McCuddin, VP, Outlet Marketing at Macerich

Augmented reality

Floored Build: a snapshot

Part of CBRE’s suite of innovations, Floored Build can be used in tandem with Floored Plans, which provides an invaluable 2D perspective of space and its potential, in line with user or end user objectives. A game-changing solution in commercial real estate, Floored helps landlords and tenants imagine, experiment and visualise the future.

Key features:

  • Create: Floored Build offers a bespoke, mobile-optimised 3D experience by recreating existing spaces, visualising remodelled spaces or demonstrating planned sites that have not yet broken ground.
  • Explore: Users can virtually tour environments in fully interactive 3D, exploring internal space and exterior environments from any remote location.
  • Customise: Having identified an asset’s prime spaces, Floored Build’s pioneering technology brings these areas to life, enhancing features, views and individuality, and maximising their potential.
  • Share: 3D experiences can easily be shared via web links and embedded into sites and presentations.
  • Repurpose: Floored Build doesn’t stop at the sales process. The 3D-rendered spaces are delivered and can be shared easily via weblinks. The visuals can then be used as the basis for additional content and collateral, including screenshots, 2D renderings and promotional videos.

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Whatever your focus, make sure you uncover every inch of opportunity within it. Contact Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager, to see how Floored Build could provide an alternative perspective on your building. or call +44 7900 737 876

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