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A priceless commodity

Alex Rose, Floored Plans Product Manager, looks at how employers can make the most of their office space

Nothing quite beats turning a project from concept to reality. But no matter how experienced an investor or a developer is, visualising an office design and then getting buy in for this can be a difficult task –regardless of whatever challenges arise in the road between design and completion.

The problem

Floored Plans uses cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between conception and a completed development

You’re a seasoned professional with an eye for design. You’ve agonised over the semantics of your scheme and honed the concept so it’s not only impactful and attractive but commercially viable and relevant to the end user.

But the challenges you face go far beyond the project development process – instead, you need to get valued stakeholders on board before you get can begin to turn your concept into reality.

CBRE's solution: Floored Plans

CBRE’s Floored Plans uses cutting-edge technology to bridge the gap between conception and a completed development. Part of Vantage, CBRE’s suite of enabling technology, Floored Plans has been devised to simplify the often time-consuming, labour-intensive test-fit process and make the most of space.

The interactive leasing solution accurately measures the space in question and creates 2D and 3D floor plans from which developers, landlords and occupiers can devise, customise and share test-fits according to landlord and tenants’ needs. The solution incorporates headcount and desk-sharing ratios to create practical designs, and then showcases these through immersive 3D experiences with accurate panoramic views.

A proven track record:

Floored Plans has been proven to drive process efficiency and visibility across new and existing schemes. Clients use Floored Plans to create, customise and share test-fits while providing real-time visibility into key decision metrics, including headcount and open space.

With a simple click, test-fits are transformed into 3D immersive experiences, to help clients visualise space configurations. CBRE’s Floored Plans reduces unnecessary architectural fees, creates visibility and ultimately enhances the experience of finding a new office or reconfiguring existing space.

Floored Plans: six steps for managing and maximising space

  1. Create: Test-fits can be customised promptly according to tenants’ needs and space-specific information. Concepts can be adjusted in line with tenant needs and input, making for informed decisions that reflect all parties’ visions and objectives.
  2. Measure: Floored Plans uses pioneering technology to accurately measure spaces, ensuring a precise approach throughout the process.
  3. Share and track: Proposed test-fits and 3D models can be shared seamlessly, with account activity and stakeholder input tracked directly within the tool.
  4. Edit: The solution enables test-fits to be reconfigured and edited in real time, ensuring a collaborative approach in line with tenants’ needs and evolving requirements.
  5. Engage: Concepts can be displayed across multiple mediums, such as monitors and touchscreens. This maximises engagement and interactivity, further encouraging feedback.
  6. Explore: Floored Plans uses interactive 3D models to give tenants a compelling insight into their future workplace, thereby engendering collaboration and engagement at every stage of the test-fit process.

Find out more - contact us

If you’d like to see how Floored Plans has transformed the test-fit process as we know it, contact Alex Rose, Floored Plans Product Manager – alexandra.rose@cbre.com or call +44 7900 737 876

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