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A smart approach

Alex Rose, Asset IQ Product Manager, looks at how to boost tenant well-being and satisfaction in your offices

We live in a smart world. Home automation has become something of the norm and for many of us, it’s become second nature to use devices to play our music, control our heating and even suss out who’s at the front door.

And it’s crept into the workplace too: CBRE insight reveals that some 80% of offices’ requirements are currently controlled by building management systems. But, while we have the tools we need at our disposal, the question is, do we know how to use them?

The Problem

Building management systems are firmly in place, but the reality is that businesses are failing to use the data these systems provide effectively – so much so, that an alarming 80% of property and facilities managers’ time is spent identifying anomalies, analysing solutions and reacting to occupier complaints. This leaves just 20% to fix issues, optimise building efficiency and keep a hold of costs.

80% of offices’ requirements are currently controlled by building management systems

But that’s just part of the picture. CBI research estimates that 63% of businesses regard workplace health and well-being as an increasingly important issue. There have never been quite so many factors on occupiers’ wish lists. As employees judge businesses on their values, culture and working ethos, employers are on the hunt for buildings that reflect these and will help them meet these growing expectations.

It’s down to landlords to show they’ve got what it takes if they’re going to secure and retain tenants in an uncertain market. And there’s a definite commercial advantage in doing so: the Urban Land Institute reports that two-thirds of built environment professionals have generated greater economic value and market success for assets that incorporate well-being.

CBRE's solution: Asset IQ

CBRE’s Asset IQ technology empowers facilities and property managers with the insights they need for a seamless and sustainable work place. Easy to install, Asset IQ gives users instant access to real-time insight into energy consumption, overheads and service costs. The web-based solution makes it easier than ever for users to identify inefficiencies and issues, and deal with these promptly and effectively.

Asset IQ is spearheaded by a dedicated team of specialists with market-leading building management expertise and a deep understanding of local landlord and occupier dynamics. The team works closely with occupiers to devise sustainability goals that are in keeping with their business strategies, and then offers strategic recommendations for the action they need to take to realise these.

Users can benchmark their own KPIs against their peers to understand and maximise their own competitiveness. Asset IQ can be tailored to incorporate manual data entries as well as third party databases, such as service charge and recharging providers.

With the capacity to evaluate employee as well as customer insight, Asset IQ’s unrivalled insight enables prompt, impactful action that saves landlords and their tenants time and money.

Asset IQ: three steps to success:

  • Day one: We install the plug-in software start collecting the BMS data
  • Within two weeks: With this valuable data now in place, we match, tag and analyse the insight and then formulate pertinent recommendations in line with clients’ objectives
  • In just three clicks: Clients can directly access key actionable insights onsite and remotely, identifying and promptly fixing issues to boost customer satisfaction. Users can continually track their progress in line with their nominated KPIs and objectives via the intuitive web portal

Asset IQ: a snapshot:

  • Improves building performance and energy efficiency
  • Retrieve, display and analyse key building performance data
  • Automate, monitor and action key data and KPIs, electricity, gas, landlord and tenant consumption
  • Real-time access to information on energy performance across your full portfolio
  • Sustainability: view all live sustainability performance indicators and track efficiency improvement
  • Building analytics: review retrospective BMS readings to identify energy savings or maintenance issues and take informed action
  • Real-time dashboard and intuitive technology provide a consolidated view of building services performance and energy consumption

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To find out CBRE and Asset IQ can help your building run smoothly, contact Alex Rose, Asset IQ Product Manager – alexandra.rose@cbre.com or call +44 7900 737 876

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