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An even keel

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at how a bird’s eye view can boost your business’s bottom line

Business today is anything but simple. Shifting geopolitical forces, disruption and changing consumer dynamics have squeezed margins and turned many sectors on their head.

Forward-thinking businesses have risen to the challenges this presents, adjusting their approaches, trimming the fat and consolidating to stay relevant and competitive.

The problem

Portfolio analysis is essential to helping businesses understand the individual and collective performance of their properties

Businesses have little choice but to understand every aspect of their operations if they’re going to retain their hold on a competitive market. But understanding the dynamics and cost implications of corporate real estate can be challenging for real estate occupiers – particularly when legacy property is thrown into the mix.

Portfolio analysis is essential to helping businesses understand the individual and collective performance of their properties, and providing the foundations to optimise these.

CBRE's solution: Portfolio Optimiser

Portfolio Optimiser was set up to put real estate occupiers in control of their properties, regardless of location or use. The web-based tool combines portfolio data with market intelligence to identify efficiencies and cost-saving opportunities in new and legacy assets.

Portfolio Optimiser is a single, customised system that can be tailored to clients’ individual preferences. Instead of spending valuable resource analysing spreadsheets, Portfolio Optimiser frees users up to uncover and realise portfolio opportunities.

Portfolio Optimiser: a snapshot

  • Analyse: Explore up-to-the-minute portfolio metrics, including property and lease data, in a customised portfolio dashboard featuring graphics, tables and maps
  • Compare: Measure properties and leases against benchmarks based on current market costs and local efficiency standards
  • Save: Highlight and prioritise portfolio cost saving opportunities, potential implementation costs and the feasibility of realising these
  • Leverage: Use proprietary CBRE market rent forecasts and research data to support recommendations and analysis

Proven success

CBRE works with business occupiers in every sector around the world. Here’s how Portfolio Optimiser has generated outstanding results that have freed our clients up to focus on their businesses.

    • McKesson: Portfolio Optimiser was used to create data points that were vital for determining and enabling McKesson’s business strategy across every one of its extensive locations. The single source of information enables the client to view, report out and self-manage their entire portfolio; the result of which is effective interaction with stakeholders and business partners, empowered decision-making, portfolio activity and performance.
    • Telecoms client: CBRE has transformed this client’s operations which span over 5,000 properties in 23 countries worldwide. Portfolio Optimiser has enabled the first ever assessment of the firm’s portfolio and identified multiple opportunities to optimise this strategically and operationally.
    • QVC: Portfolio Optimiser has proven invaluable for QVC’s acquisition of Zulily and the Home Shopping Network, which resulted in a diverse portfolio comprising office space, broadcast studios, distribution centres and traditional retail stores. With three differing tracking techniques for critical portfolio data, the firm lacked a comprehensive tool for analysing performance. Portfolio Optimiser provided just that, with custom data fields that track key portfolio performance metrics and provide a single perspective for optimisation.

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