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An informed approach

Bridget Smurthwaite, Technology Specialist, looks at how to get one step ahead of lease events

Leasing is a complex business. In a fast-moving and challenging market, it’s vital that investors and landlords have a hold on their projected income streams, and that risks arising from lease expiries, break clauses and vacancies can be anticipated and mitigated. As for occupiers, already fighting to stay ahead in unforgiving markets, it is an absolute necessity to stay firmly in control of lease events and the unwarranted changes these can bring.

The problem

Easier said than done. Whatever your property perspective, keeping on top of every eventuality within an extensive portfolio can be an arduous task – and there can be significant cost implications if you get it wrong.

There is a raft of metrics to consider, each of which has the capacity to shift the sum of the parts, from lease expirations and options, to square footage and expenses. And for occupiers, there are additional considerations, from occupancy cost, through to rental charges and variances.

CBRE's solution: Sequentra

CBRE Sequentra

Wherever you are in the property spectrum, anticipating your portfolio’s lease events will pay dividends in driving an informed real estate strategy with sustained cost efficiencies.

CBRE’s Global Portfolio Services launched Sequentra to empower clients with the insights they need to stay ahead of their real estate schedule and prepare for lease events strategically and effectively. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) lease management solution has been built on the premise that data is power, and should be used to give clients a clear competitive advantage, regardless of third-party dynamics.

Sequentra in action:

CBRE combines Sequentra’s innovative technology with the exceptional expertise of CBRE’s Global Portfolio Services specialists to help users control, manage and unlock the data within their organisation.

Anticipating your portfolio’s lease events will pay dividends in driving an informed real estate strategy

The customised app includes cutting-edge analytical tools that inform clients’ decisions and outcomes. These are then combined with the market-leading leasing insight of CBRE’s Global Service Center which manages more than 170,000 leases globally, for a strategic approach at every stage of the rental process, from securing achievable rents, creating value and minimising costs to devising exit strategies and restructuring existing.

Sequentra: a snapshot


  • Agile technology platform with customisation capability
  • Cloud-based platform that is globally accessible 24/7 and suitable for multiple industry use
  • Configurable to support integration with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and other CRE products


  • Central repository for portfolio-related information
  • Sub-lease and owned property administration
  • Executive dashboards, automated reporting and notifications
  • Backed-up by market-leading advice to translate insights into impactful action


  • Rigorous data access processes protect clients and their data intelligence,  ensuring the solution meets clients’ own IT and finance requirements at every stage
  • Data security is further enhanced with SOC 1 Type 2 hosting
  • Ethical hacks testing bolsters security
  • Solution secures critical lease data in anticipation of the impending global lease accounting standards


  • Sequentra app available that supports Android and IOS
  • Powerful mobile app provides instant data access and control through data, photo and comment capturing facility inclusing event notification
  • Comprehensive dashboard analytics reporting 


  • Enhanced graphical reporting as standard
  • Insight visualisation tools enable clients to readily interpret meaningful data points and make key business decisions
  • Notifications of critical dates and events to avoid expensive penalties and late fees
  • Agile SaaS solution, which is constantly evolving

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CBRE combines unrivalled 360° insights and expertise with Sequentra’s unique capabilities to help occupiers get one step ahead of the lease events across their portfolios. If you’d  like us to help give your business a proven advantage, contact Bridget Smurthwaite, Technology Specialist – or call +44 7825 099 098

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