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Attracting the best

Stella Canivenc, Host Product Manager, looks at how to enhance the attractiveness of your building

Empowered and inspired by today’s foremost retail and hospitality experiences, employees have new workplace expectations, creating pressure on corporate occupiers and landlords to offer curated experiences, high-quality customer service and predictive technology.

Those expectations start even before they enter their office building and continue once they’ve left.

The problem

Employees want easy building control access, information about building services, events, neighborhood amenities and the ability to work in a more flexible environment– all accessible from their smartphone or a helpful person stationed in the lobby.

But for the landlords of these buildings, what are the advantages of providing all this extra service? How do you quantify the return on investment to put in better facilities for your tenants’ benefit?

The answer lies in tenant retention, and the invaluable data they get from smart systems in their buildings.

Employees have new workplace expectations, creating pressure on corporate occupiers and landlords to offer curated experiences

Improved amenity offering

Landlords often look to improve the attractiveness, and value, of an asset through a more robust amenity offering. Particularly when this is spread across a range of services to multiple building tenants, it’s an effective way of ensuring occupier satisfaction.

And research shows it works; CBRE’s recent Secondhand Space report found that in London, for example, demand for Grade A offices now significantly outstrips supply, driving up rents and forcing increased levels of pre-lets. This shift is almost entirely driven by changing occupier requirements, with more businesses seeking modern and better serviced offices, as a way to win the war for talent.

Insight from data

The other benefit of going to the effort of providing bespoke amenities and benefits for tenants is the data that can be gathered, and the insight this provides. From meeting room usage, desk occupancy rates, and overall building footfall, data-driven decisions are at the heart of good asset management.

CBRE's solution: Host

CBRE’s Host technology aims to help building owners differentiate their properties by empowering employees through people-led, technology-enabled services. Put simply: the goal is to help people work smarter, and, in turn, make their work experience more enjoyable.

What is Host?

Host technology is an experience platform that connects the employee to the environments, amenities and communities that matter the most. The platform, which can be tailored to specific client requirements, features a robust mobile experience that allows users to navigate the workplace, schedule meetings with colleagues, reserve workspaces, use food and beverage services, and access building and concierge services.

CBRE’s proprietary, AI-driven experiences and recommendation engine learn over time delivering highly personalized experiences; they also ensure that all space needs are met sustainably and efficiently for building operators.

The name “Host” signifies the importance of the all-important “front-of-house” team that sets the tone for employee experience in Host settings. Hosts are responsible for creating a helpful and comfortable atmosphere, and delivering exceptional experiences across all employee-facing services (reception, IT support, meetings and events).

Host’s product suite focuses on three key people-focused services:

  • Host talent: Service-experience focused, certified professionals dedicated to elevating the workplace experience.
  • Host training: Advanced training and certification program to drive elevated, consistent workplace experience services.
  • Host technology: An employee-facing mobile app with a customized operating platform that connects individuals to their workplace.

In many cases, service offerings are technology solutions or concierge services that operate independently, resulting in technology that doesn’t connect to consistent services delivery and has low adoption or concierge services that aren’t empowered with best-in-class technology.

CBRE has built an integrated solution that is led by people and enabled by technology. Host eliminates the barriers and short-comings often created by tech-only solutions.

Host is a great fit for clients that are prioritizing an enhanced employee experience, recruiting and retaining top talent, improving community and connectivity, and/or optimizing the utilization of space and amenities.

Importantly, Host services don’t necessarily increase operating expense budgets. By integrating with FM services, CBRE can successfully improve the workplace experience without increasing expenses.

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