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Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager, looks at how to use CBRE’s Floored Plans to bring brand values to life

The way that we work has changed dramatically, and in an increasingly competitive world, this is only set to continue.

Led by the charge of the millennials, today’s workforce is more selective than ever. Their employers are all too aware of this and doing all they can to embrace the future and shake off growing swathes of competition with deeper values and resonance.

The problem

Augmented Reality

In today’s cut and thrust, the working environment is critical to a company’s success – not just in productivity, but loyalty and brand perception. In short, there is a tangible correlation between the workplace and talent retention and recruitment.

Staff are no longer happy with a desk and a passable view: an office needs to exude the brand values and culture that drew them to their employer in the first place if they’re going to stay engaged. And while the office environment is vital to driving the right culture, so too is the way in which that office is used.

Businesses are wising up to the benefits of flexible workplace design: not only do they want to convey their working ethos, but it pays to get more people into the same space. And companies whose workspaces breathe choice, well-being and creativity will see a demonstrable impact on productivity, performance and staff loyalty.

CBRE's solution: Floored Plans

CBRE’s Floored Plans was designed with this in mind. The interactive, web-based solution accurately measures office space, then enables users to create floor plans quickly and easily, adjusting layouts to reflect the practical needs of their businesses and their people. Test fits can be edited simply and effectively, and designs honed to maximise the use of space.

There is a tangible correlation between the workplace and talent retention and recruitment

Floored Plans has transformed workspaces across a range of sectors by looking far beyond the functional. Users can explore their test-fits according to tenants’ corporate lenses, adjusting designs to reflect a conservative, modern or industrial culture. The solution uses innovative 2D and 3D technology to create a prototype of their chosen working environment, which can be tested and adjusted to reflect occupiers’ views before development ensues.

Empowering collaboration

Floored Plans has been designed to drive employee engagement so that every facet of a business’s workspace chimes with the values that underpin it. Once renowned for prompting rounds of revisions, incremental costs and widespread frustration, test-fitting has been transformed into a collaborative process through which users can edit and visualise changes easily and in real time, while employers retain on-going visibility into key decision metrics.  The result is a workspace that reflects a company’s culture in the eyes of its employees – who have bought into this vision throughout its inception.

Floored Plans: six steps for bring company culture to life

  1. Create: Test-fits can be customised promptly according to tenants’ needs and space-specific information. Concepts can be adjusted in line with tenant needs and input, making for informed decisions that reflect all parties’ visions and objectives.
  2. Share and track: Proposed test-fits and 3D models can be shared seamlessly, with account activity and stakeholder input tracked directly within the tool.
  3. Edit: The solution enables test-fits to be reconfigured and edited in real time, ensuring a collaborative approach in line with tenants’ needs and evolving requirements.
  4. Engage: Floored Plans concepts can be displayed across multiple mediums, such as monitors and touchscreens. This maximises engagement and interactivity, further encouraging feedback.
  5. Measure: Floored Plans uses pioneering technology to accurately measure spaces, ensuring a precise approach throughout the process.
  6. Explore: Floored Plans uses interactive 3D models to give tenants a compelling insight into their future workplace, thereby engendering collaboration and engagement at every stage of the test-fit process. Once the final concepts have been selected, they can be displayed across multiple mediums, using real-life window views for maximum impact.

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