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Delivering a great employee experience

Stella Canivenc, Host Product Manager, looks at how changing consumer expectations are changing our workplaces for the better

Digitally-enabled consumers, people like you and me, are fundamentally changing the world. Our expectations are shifting; we want things faster, easier and tailored to our personal taste whilst experiencing a memorable moment.

The rise of digital disruptors like Amazon Prime, bringing goods to our doorstep in under 24 hours, or Uber, giving us cheap and easy personalised transport, is making us more demanding.

And that level of expectation is filtering through into our working lives too. We now expect seamless services in a building, the ability to book meeting rooms, move desks, change the lighting and air conditioning whenever we please.

The problem

For employers, this has a direct impact on employee retention, engagement and productivity. As the war for talent intensifies, only those companies who offer the highest level of fitout and amenities will attract talent.

And for real estate owners and investors in turn, only buildings with the right specification, facilities and amenities will attract the best occupiers, and in turn drive the highest rental returns. The changing occupier landscape will place new demands on management of the real estate asset, pushing a shift towards better service levels, enabled by real-time and predictive analytics. This is effectively a growing fusion of workplace and service, reflected in widespread plans to hire new skills such as data scientists and digital transformation officers.

We now expect seamless services in a building; the ability to book meeting rooms, move desks, change the lighting and air conditioning whenever we please

What is the role of technology in satisfying customer demand?

As the 2018 CBRE EMEA Occupier Survey found, there is a strong and growing focus by corporates on deploying technology in an agenda focused on enhancing the user experience.

Companies intend to invest more heavily in new real estate technologies over the short to medium term. Their reasons for doing so are increasingly shifting towards enhancing the user experience, improving well being and also raising workforce productivity. This represents a clear move away from aiming real estate technology at purely operational goals such as energy management.

This shift of focus is reflected in the technologies of choice: wayfinding apps, connected sensors, wearables and personal environment control systems. Room or seat reservation systems and sensors are also being increasingly adopted to support improvements in space efficiency.

CBRE's solution: Host

While technology can often seem like the cure-all solution to our modern business challenges, it’s the people behind the tech that still have the biggest impact; nothing beats human interaction. It’s when the people and the tech work in harmony that the real magic happens.

CBRE’s Host platform is the perfect blend of technology and people in action, to deliver an exceptional employee experience. Host’s scalable product suite creates an employee-centric workplace experience through:

  • Workplace experience services provided by talented CBRE "hosts"
  • World-class customer service training and certification
  • A powerful, enterprise-grade technology platform

The Host mission is to increase individual well-being, personal productivity and organizational effectiveness through people-led, technology-enabled services. Put simply: the goal is to help people work smarter and delight in doing it.

Host Technology

Host technology is an experience platform that connects the employee to the work environments, amenities and communities that matter most. The platform, which can be tailored to specific client requirements, features a robust mobile experience that allows users to navigate the workplace, schedule meetings with colleagues, reserve workspaces, use food and beverage services, and access building and concierge services.

Its proprietary, AI-driven experiences and “recommendation engine” learn over time, delivering highly personalized experiences; they also ensure that all space needs are sustainably and efficiently met for building operators. Acting as an extension of the client’s brand, the look and feel of the Host app can be personalized, unlike any competing offering.

The market suffers from an ‘app for that syndrome.’ There is an app for visitor management, an app for controlling temperature, an app for booking meeting rooms…Host integrates specialty technology and end-user experience features on a single platform, allowing employees to access their workplace needs from a single app.

The technology is built in-house by a world-class team of CBRE product managers, designers, data scientists and engineers, and directed by a group of proven leaders who have expertise in building platforms at scale for some of the most innovative companies in the world. Host has been developed with collaboration from a robust ecosystem of partners and providers.

Host People

The all-important “front-of-house” Host team that sets the tone for employee experience. Hosts are responsible for creating a supportive and comfortable atmosphere; welcoming visitors; and acting as air-traffic control for all employee-facing services (reception, IT support, meetings and events).

We know how to delight. Today, CBRE serves the workplaces of more than 20M people; with 2,000 team members deployed around the world in roles ranging from reception, AV support, mail clerk, and more, who create and support exceptional experiences.

Facilities Management is the foundation of employee experience. While employee needs are usually expressed to front-of-house teams, solutions often involve back-of-house functions. CBRE’s broader Facility Management and Property Management teams run seamlessly in the background, allowing our Hosts to focus on delighting employees.

Host’s product suite focuses on two core people-focused services:

  • Placing exceptionally talent Hosts on-site, in our client’s offices, and letting them work their magic
  • Making them even better through a world-class hospitality training and certification programme, the Host Method, for CBRE or clients’ in-house “front of house” staff

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