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Empowering insights

Alex Rose, Asset IQ Product Manager, looks at how to drive energy and operational efficiency in your office

Global warming is a firm fixture on our news pages, and rightly so. And as younger generations rise through the ranks and gain a greater voice, the debate around the failings of their predecessors to protect the planet, and therefore their futures, will continue to intensify.

It’s little surprise, then, that businesses are taking sustainability more seriously than ever. Brands are acutely aware that their employees, and their customers, judge them through a different lens today than they have been used to.

The problem

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is no longer a nice to have, and firms know that they must demonstrate strong values that run through every facet of their business, inside and out, if they’re going to stay in favour of their customers and employees – and keep their powder dry.

1.6% rise in UK energy consumption in 2016 versus the previous year

Simple? Apparently not. Businesses worldwide may be investing heavily in community initiatives and feel-good branding that magnifies their efforts, but many continue to overlook their own sustainability practices.

UK energy consumption is rising fast –a 1.6% rise was recorded in 2016 versus the previous year. And private businesses are driving consumption, with chemical and food manufacturers lagging behind in second and third place respectively.

As Britons readily admit to leaving the lights on at home – surveys suggest to a cost of £281 per household each year – they are perhaps less conscious in the office, where someone else is footing the bill. It’s little wonder why more and more offices have smart technology incorporated to keep costs at bay – but are businesses using this effectively to drive efficiencies?

CBRE's solution: Asset IQ

CBRE’s Asset IQ technology was designed to help firms do just this.

Asset IQ uses pioneering technology to put businesses firmly in control of their energy usage. The solution empowers engineering and management teams with real-time insight into their full energy consumption, and the analysis they need to drive efficiencies.

Easy to install, Asset IQ gives users instant access to real-time performance information through which they can optimise efficiency and cost and respond to issues – quickly and effectively.

Asset IQ can interact with third party databases, such as service charge and recharging providers, and accepts manual data entries so key data and KPIs (such as electricity, gas, landlord and tenant consumption) can be monitored and acted on promptly and effectively.

Asset IQ gives property owners the capacity to look beyond their own buildings, so they can contrast their energy and financial expenditure with other similar buildings on the market. CBRE’s dedicated Asset IQ experts combine this valuable insight with first-hand professional expertise drive efficiencies across the board.

Asset IQ: a snapshot:

The web-based platform captures vital data by connecting remotely to building and property management systems. This is used to build a deep understanding of the building operation, which the Asset IQ team uses to identify the best strategy to maximise owners’ returns on investment into their real estate portfolio.

Asset IQ has been proven to help businesses:

  • Optimise energy usage and reduce costs
  • Reduce maintenance time and improve operational effectiveness
  • Minimise time spent on addressing and fixing anomalies

Find out more - contact us

CBRE is on hand to help you understand the true impact that energy savings and building optimisation can on your business’s bottom line. With practical advice and strategic recommendations, we will engineer the best approach for your business, now and in the future.

To see how we can help you, contact CBRE's Alex Rose, Asset IQ Product Manager – alexandra.rose@cbre.com or call +44 7900 737 876

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