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Expert delivery

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at how to make Project Management easy

Project management is a moveable feast. As client expectations, market and project dynamics shift, business professionals face the unenviable task of delivering exceptional client outcomes in line with pre-determined cost and time constraints.

The problem

Delivering complex construction projects on time and on budget has always been a masterful art, but project managers are being tested to the hilt as uncertain markets unsettle clients and inject a sense of urgency in finishing the job in hand.

Project managers have to retain control and ensure a seamless delivery

As market dynamics disrupt delivery schedules, resourcing the sum of the parts is harder than ever. But in a fiercely competitive real estate landscape, project managers have little choice but to retain control and ensure a seamless delivery in line with that project’s parameters and expectations.

CBRE's solution: Kahua

Indutrial tech

CBRE devised Kahua to put project managers one step ahead of their schemes, making it easier to manage and track every aspect of a project and to drive the best outcomes for clients.

The cloud-based solution drives collaboration between project managers and project teams, and connects clients, vendors and other partners with on-the-go access to documentation and relevant data.

Fully customisable, configurable and accessible across clients’ own platforms, the innovative platform ensures transparency throughout the development process, from project milestones to reporting and completion.

Using a secure interface to minimise risk, Kahua is best combined with the valuable insights of CBRE’s extensive team of experts to optimise efficiency, productivity and collaboration.

Kahua: a snapshot

  • Accessible: A secure online environment through which design teams, consultants, vendors and owners can quickly and easily store, exchange, and view project documents, assign tasks and receive notifications
  • Connect: A mobile platform that is compliant with mostdevices on the market, Kahua can be accessed wherever you are, for smooth and seamless project management
  • Budget and financial management: A simple means of sharing, reviewing and approving budgets and paying change orders and invoices, Kahua streamlines the purchasing process
  • Schedule Management: Kahua synchronises with Microsoft Project for consolidated, user-friendly and robust schedule management
  • Insightful: Users also have access to CBRE’s global, sector-specific and customised insights that integrate with CBRE’s business intelligence dashboards for a robust and empowering perspective
  • Manage: The solution provides a clear and concise view of granular assignment details, which drives reliable and informed quality and risk management, performance measurements and valuations

Proven success:

Kahua has revolutionised project management for CBRE clients on a global scale.

“McKesson Real Estate leverages Kahua as our Project Management technology platform. The CBRE Project Management organisation has helped us successfully integrate our teams with Kahua across North America. We value our partnership with CBRE, backed by industry-leading Project Management software.”

- Brian McCaffrey, McKesson Vice President of Real Estate PMO

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