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Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager, looks at how to visualise space, quickly

Commercial real estate investors face an unenviable task these days. Businesses in every sector are dealing with mounting costs, squeezed margins and pressure from stakeholders to keep their operations as lean as possible.

And as businesses feel the pinch, so do building owners in our increasingly competitive real estate marketplace, who must do all they can to appeal to prospective tenants to get sustainable returns on their investments.

The problem

UK cities are teeming with commercial real estate. But supply has outweighed demand, with statistics suggesting as much as 30 million sq. ft. of commercial floorspace has been empty over the last two years in London alone.

Investors have to work harder and think more strategically than ever if they’re going to attract occupiers and ensure their buildings work for the long term. And with so much choice at prospective tenants’ disposal, effective marketing is critical to making schemes stand out.

CBRE's solution: Floored Build

Investors need to be able to build a vision for their assets that is relevant and appealing to businesses. Market density has given occupiers the luxury of choice, and as landlords vie for their attention, taking their vision off plan is one sure-fire way to make time-stretched businesses take note.

How CBRE can help:

Part of CBRE’s Floored suite of innovations, Floored Build has been designed to bring prospective occupiers one step closer to a commercial environment’s potential. The 3D environmental creation tool has redefined the concept of exploring space, breaking down the barriers that too often stand between investors and the business professionals they are trying to target.

Floored Build helps landlords translate their design visions from paper or laptop into virtual reality, with powerful results.

“Floored Build has been designed to bring prospective occupiers one step closer to a commercial environment’s potential."

Cost and time effective, Floored Build provides a realistic, 3D vantage point on spaces that are in conception, being repositioned or renovated. Powered by a dedicated team of designers, Floored Build incorporates insight from developers and architects to turn sketches, photos, floor plans and CAD drawings into bespoke 3D experiences.

With a series of off-the-shelf options, Floored Build concepts can be themed in line with investors’ visions and end user requirements, quickly and at minimal cost. Concepts can easily be adjusted and amended for a truly targeted approach.

Floored Build: a snapshot

Part of CBRE’s Vantage suite of innovations, Floored Build can be used in tandem with Floored Plans, which provides an invaluable 2D perspective of space and its potential, in line with user or end user objectives. A game-changing solution in commercial real estate, Floored helps landlords and tenants imagine, experiment and turn vision into reality.

Key features:

  • Create: Floored Build offers a bespoke, mobile-optimised 3D experience by recreating existing spaces, visualising remodelled spaces or demonstrating planned sites that have not yet broken ground.
  • Explore: Users can virtually tour environments in fully interactive 3D, exploring internal space and exterior environments from any remote location.
  • Customise: Having identified an asset’s prime spaces, Floored Build’s pioneering technology brings these areas to life, enhancing features, views and individuality, and maximising their potential.
  • Share: 3D experiences can easily be shared via web links and embedded into sites and presentations.
  • Repurpose: Floored Build doesn’t stop at the sales process. The 3D-rendered spaces are delivered and can be shared easily via weblinks. The visuals can then be used as the basis for additional content and collateral, including screenshots, 2D renderings and promotional videos.

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First impressions count. To see how Floored Build could make your assets stand out in a crowded market and deliver for the long term, contact Alex Rose, Floored Product Manager – or call +44 7900 737 876

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