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Fit for purpose

Alex Rose, Asset IQ Product Manager, looks at how to monitor and boost employee well-being within your business

We spend around 90,000 hours of our lifetimes at work. So says the CBI, who also estimates that one in three people of a working age has a long-term health condition, and some five million of us can expect to experience a mental health condition at some point this year.

There’s a clear correlation between well-being and productivity, so it’s little wonder why seven out of ten businesses (69%) are looking at mental health as part of their health and well-being strategy. But with UK output per hour lagging behind the rest of the G78 advanced economies, there’s still much left to do.

The problem

Over half (52%) of UK businesses recognise the need to focus on prevention as well as cure when it comes to health and well-being. Yet seven in ten firms (71%) say it’s hard to take practical action as they’re not clear on what works and simply can’t see the benefits for others who’ve invested.

Businesses have to act if they are going to attract and retain employees, and boost productivity

But people want to work in places that make them feel good. And as the link between our physical working environment and our health continues to gain airspace, businesses have little choice but to act if they are going to attract and retain employees, boost productivity and avoid the financial and reputational implications of widespread and long-term absenteeism.

CBRE's solution: Asset IQ

Commercial real estate is no longer simply functional. Technology advances have reshaped our jobs and the workspaces we need to do these effectively.

Developers and designers have the capacity to incorporate a well-being provision into building design from the outset, from windows that exude natural light and communal areas that encourage social interaction, through to high specification air conditioning and lighting that can mimic daylight in darker spaces.

Even older spaces can be refurbished with design and fitouts that engender well-being; and on-site gyms go a long way in promoting fitness and the work-life balance that is more important than ever in the 24/7 era.

Aesthetics aside, the way in which our people operate is changing too. Communication has a measurable impact on performance, culture and employee engagement – and enables employers to understand what’s needed and what can realistically drive change within their business.

And as well-being becomes a growing consideration for occupiers in their capacity as tenants and employers, we can expect to see more organisations look to wellness officers or community managers to ensure the working environment reflects employee needs and expectations.

How CBRE can help: Asset IQ

Powered by CBRE’s renowned technology and the insight of a dedicated team of experts, Asset IQ helps businesses evaluate and enhance their in-house capabilities.

Asset IQ has been proven to help businesses devise health and well-being strategies that will chime with their culture, employee expectations and work dynamics, and give them the impact they need. The solution provides real-time access to tangible metrics that evidence success and weaknesses at the touch of the button, so that firms can address any areas of concern promptly and strategically.

Easy to install, Asset IQ gives property managers and HR professionals the capacity to monitor their sustainability, health and well-being performance, compared with historical insights and other similar buildings on the market.

Flexible to the core, Asset IQ can interact with third party databases and bespoke information such as employee attendance statistics, staff and customer insights, so that initiatives can be monitored and issues acted on promptly and effectively.

Asset IQ’s experienced well-being consultancy ensures insights are matched with pertinent advice in the context of corporate culture, working requirements and aspirations, to maximise health and well-being, as employees and technology continue to evolve.

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