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How to use advanced analytics to improve real estate transactions

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at transforming the complex and time-consuming property purchase process with empowering insights

‘The bigger the portfolio, the bigger the headache’ is a truism for many of today’s property investors. And while buying and selling buildings is just part of an investor’s remit, the transaction process can often be the most tricky and time consuming.

As real estate transactions become more complex, so too does tracking all the insights that make for an informed and efficient approach, from project, lease and commission details, to tasks and critical dates.

The problem

As real estate transactions become more complex, so too does tracking all the insights that make for an informed and efficient approach

The reality for many investors is a lack of visibility and automation that increases lead times, often to the detriment of the bottom line. And for investors operating across markets or asset types, managing multiple relationships and deals at once can be onerous.

Powering the transaction process with digital insight has been proven to drive significant changes for investors. Increased visibility means no nasty surprises. Better data and tracking ensures easy access to all the information you need, whenever you need it. And streamlined activity means quicker transactions.

CBRE's solution: TransAct

The way to achieve smooth transactions is seemingly simple: better management of resources, timelines and data, to deliver better performance.

It’s a question of managing asset acquisition and disposal projects in one place, tracking key dates and other portfolio information in real-time, to drive operational efficiencies, boost team collaboration and streamline workflows.

Realising the full value of a real estate portfolio requires deep, strategic expertise informed by dependable data and repeatable process. And as our Big Data research shows, the need for better data management is only going to grow.

How CBRE can help:

TransAct, CBRE’s customised transaction management solution, puts fund managers and investors in control of their full transaction activities, with a centralised, web-based dashboard and real-time, customisable reporting.

Key features:

  • Manage: The centralised tool ensures efficient transaction management with complete oversight of tasks
  • Track: With visibility into critical dates and key portfolio information
  • Report: Customisable reports can be tailored in line with individual user needs
  • Empower: Enhanced decision-making through advanced mapping and market analytics
  • Measure: Compare benchmarks and KPIs to ensure optimal performance

Cityscape from above

TransAct helps power operational efficiencies, drives team collaboration and streamlines workflows across the entire transaction management process.

In our modern world, where convenience is king, a simplified, more efficient transaction process is more important than ever. And investors know that today more than ever, those who move fastest will gain most ground.

TransAct: a snapshot

  • Empowering insights: A dashboard view of portfolio geography, ownership type, use type, and lease expiration dates ensures that investors’ decisions are underpinned by advanced mapping and market analytics. Extracts from the client lease administration system are loaded into the platform for an accurate portfolio snapshot. 
  • Active analytics: Track assignments through a single lens. TransAct provides a dashboard view of live project analytics based on  risk, region, project type, project stage, and transaction management resource workload.
  • Project management: TransAct monitors assignment progress from concept to completion, with configurable project milestones according to the project types that are relevant to your business. Whether managing a relocation or net new lease, investors can align a transaction management-approved process to enable readily accessible reporting on project status.  
  • Revenue forecasting: Customising reports specific to individual user needs makes for invaluable insight into expected revenue derived from completed assignments. Track gross fees, rebates, and broker splits across both individual accounts and teams. Dashboard-based analytics can also be enabled for easy viewing of data, with benchmark and KPI comparisons to ensure optimal performance.

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