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In the bag

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at how to bridge the gap between shopping centres, stores and the end consumer

The internet has turned the buying experience on its head. Consumer expectations have been reshaped by the instant gratification of shopping online, and in 2018 alone, we saw more than 1,200 shops close their doors on the high street.

But for consumers who are keen to try before they buy, there’s still no substitute for the brand experience – and shopping centres are cashing in on the act.

The problem

Retailers have little choice but to change gear if they want to appeal to the customers in their sights, and many are setting up shop in retail centres that offer the choice and convenience time-stretched consumers crave and the footfall retailers need to survive.

But in an omni-channel world, retailers must work harder than ever to squeeze the juice from their bricks-and-mortar investments – and keep the conversation going well after the buying process.

CBRE's solution: DMI

DMI (Digital Marketing Intelligence) gives shopping centre and store managers the insights they need to stay ahead of their customers. DMI is a mobile-first solution that bridges the gap between shopping centres, shops and visitors themselves.

Retailers have little choice but to change gear if they want to appeal to today’s customers

A unified intranet gives shopping centre owners and store managers direct access to market analytics and visitor profiles. DMI then draws on this insight to create effective and targeted campaigns with impactful content and focused communications, such as exclusive offers and services.

The client perspective:

Widely used by landlords and marketeers throughout EMEA, DMI eliminates the need to second guess consumers and has been proven to drive exceptional results.

“Tomorrow’s success will belong to those operators and tenants willing to break from yesterday’s patterns and practices and fully embrace a consumer-driven future. We see a growing trend with our retail clients embracing this change. DMI is seen by them as a key enabler to achieve this goal.”

- Management, shopping centre, Spain

DMI: a snapshot

  • Mobile first: On-the-go insight via a dedicated app helps users understand what’s happening in their shopping centres, segment their customers and communicate with them effectively               
  • Content management: The Central Management System provides a single view of shopping centre intelligence and connects digital channels from websites to digital directories, with powerful results
  • Relationship management: DMI enhances customer understanding and bolsters sales with purchase insights, campaign analytics, customised segmentation and communication
  • Market analytics: Smart, actionable insights that connect DMI’s built-in CRM functionality with data spanning marketing campaigns, loyalty points, tickets and content. The solution provides triggers and incorporates objectives, KPIs and benchmarks to drive informed decision making
  • Central intranet: The unified collaboration hub connects the shopping centre with stores for collective and individual insights and sales data. Discovery’s data room serves as a repository of useful files and information for stores, while customisable intranets formalise site security with guard allocation, contacts and escalation

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DMI combines powerful insights with expert advice to give users a competitive edge, wherever they are in the retail ecosystem.

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