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On the right side of change

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at how occupiers can use analytics to drive effective real estate strategies

Business leaders are dealing with more today than ever before. Digital advances have reshaped every sector, while disruption, geopolitics and reputational risks have extended the business agenda almost beyond recognition.

The c-suite has to be open to change and then be able effect this to stay in the game, while keeping a firm eye on the shifting dynamics of its workforce and its customer base alike.

The problem

For businesses to effectively manage their real estate transactions, they need to have a firm grip on their resources, timelines and data

And all this before real estate comes into the equation. As businesses metamorphosize in line with this changing picture, their property requirements will shift dramatically. Employee expectations and the way in which we work have changed significantly in recent years, prompting a shift in the workspaces we need to do our jobs, and the environments that will help keep us committed and engaged.

Flexible working, streamlining and expansion all have a shifting impact on building requirements, but with the myriad additional demands firms are grappling with, sorting out real estate is just another job to add to the list. And when corporate footprints increasingly span multiple geographies and asset types, this is certainly no small task.

CBRE's solution: TransAct

For businesses to effectively manage their real estate transactions, they need to have a firm grip on their resources, timelines and data. But in spite of the need for change, actioning the insights within their grasp can be a big ask – particularly in a world where many businesses have undergone some sort of reinvention and property portfolios are rarely simple.

How CBRE can help:

The brainchild of CBRE’s Vantage experts, TransAct was conceived to help occupiers navigate the real estate transaction process, with superior outcomes and bottom-line performance.

The transact management solution gives occupiers and investors easy access to the insights they need to keep fully abreast of their business properties, through a consolidated dashboard with real-time, customisable reporting.

TranAct’s comprehensive project management and tracking capabilities have been proven to enable operational efficiencies and streamlined work processes while engendering collaboration.

Key features:

  • Manage: The centralised tool ensures efficient transaction management with complete oversight of tasks
  • Track: With visibility into critical dates and key portfolio information
  • Report: Customisable reports can be tailored in line with individual user needs
  • Empower: Enhanced decision-making through advanced mapping and market analytics
  • Measure: Compare benchmarks and KPIs to ensure optimal performance

TransAct: a snapshot

  • Empowering insights: A dashboard view of portfolio geography, ownership type, use type, and lease expiration dates ensures that users’ decisions are underpinned by advanced mapping and market analytics. Extracts from the client lease administration system are loaded into the platform for an accurate portfolio snapshot. 
  • Active analytics: Track assignments through a single lens. TransAct provides a dashboard view of live project analytics based on risk, region, project type, project stage, and transaction management resource workload.
  • Project management: TransAct monitors assignment progress from concept to completion, with configurable project milestones according to the project types that are relevant to your business. Whether managing a relocation or net new lease, users can align a transaction management-approved process to enable readily accessible reporting on project status.  
  • Revenue forecasting: Customising reports specific to individual user needs makes for invaluable insight into expected revenue derived from completed assignments. Track gross fees, rebates, and broker splits across both individual accounts and teams. Dashboard-based analytics can also be enabled for easy viewing of data, with benchmark and KPI comparisons to ensure optimal performance.

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In a data-heavy world, accessing, understanding and then acting on data is critical to staying ahead. If you’d like to see how TransAct gives businesses a clear competitive advantage, contact Nick Wright, Digital Strategist – nick.wright2@cbre.com or call +44 7880 054 252

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