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Putting portfolio managers ahead in a moving market

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at how CBRE’s client portal centralises portfolio data, giving portfolio managers a competitive edge in even the most volatile markets

What a year 2018 was. Brexit and a swathe of geopolitical events may have dominated the media agenda, but for investors, last year will be remembered as much more. 2018 saw the world markets take their greatest hit in a decade, and the year fittingly shuddered to a halt following a particularly volatile December.

And we can expect more. CBRE’s 2019 Market Outlook notes that as a weak currency, inflation and Brexit uncertainty continue to mar consumer spending and business investment, 2019 is going to be another bumpy road for global real estate.

The problem

Investors are well aware of this. They also recognise that as the underwhelming economic outlook looks certain to dampen performance, much of this will undoubtedly be back-weighted.

This places renewed pressure on portfolio managers to stay in control of their holdings and the market’s every move, so that they are ready to swoop on what opportunities arise.

CBRE's solution: Cyprus

Forecasting and benchmarking are no longer enough to give investors the assurance they need in times of unprecedented change; and, as investment performance becomes more polarised than ever, portfolio managers need to work hard to stay ahead of the game. A bird’s eye view of their full holdings and the markets as a whole is essential in identifying opportunity and exiting less favourable markets at the right time.

How CBRE can help:

Forecasting and benchmarking are no longer enough to give investors the assurance they need in times of unprecedented change

CBRE devised Cyprus to empower institutional investors to make timely and informed investment decisions, whatever the markets bring. The web-based client portal has proven to be an invaluable resource for portfolio managers, with real-time reporting that puts them in control of their full portfolios, right down to every single property.

Secure portals are built for clients’ individual and collective portfolios, with each client site comprising a full listing of CBRE’s extensive suite of funds and granular information for each of the assets within these, from plans and photos, to valuation information and insights.

Accessed via a unique login, a dedicated landing page provides easy access to comprehensive information into portfolios and projects, including valuation reports, statistics, documents and meeting minutes. 

Cyprus: a snapshot:

User journey

  1. Getting started: Users are given a unique URL, user and login details through which they can access the portal.
  2. Navigating the site: The landing page is branded with users’ business logos. A search function gives access to the properties within their full portfolios, in line with their preferred permissions. A rolling news banner showcases CBRE’s latest news and research. Contact details for clients’ dedicated team of CBRE experts are listed for easy access.
  3. Bespoke security: Each client account is assigned permissions so they can only see the portfolios they have access to. Similarly within CBRE security permissions are restricted so only the team or individual on a particular job can access the relevant information. Security and confidentiality are a core part of the system. 
  4. Portfolio homepage: Once users have clicked onto a portfolio, they will be directed to a customised homepage. From here, users will see a full list of properties within their portfolio, relevant documentation, inspection dates and outcomes and a central repository of valuation documents.
  5. Regional mapping: Properties are listed by region and within a list format for easy analysis.
  6. Real-time reporting: An intuitive search function links users with CBRE’s extensive insights and market intelligence.
  7. Sharing insights: All data, documentation and analysis can be shared easily between clients and their advisors.

Find out more - contact us

CBRE Cyprus has been devised to help institutional investors stay ahead of their holdings, no matter how challenging the markets. To gain a competitive edge in real estate, contact CBRE’s Nick Wright, Digital Strategist – nick.wright2@cbre.com or call +44 7880 054 252

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