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Running a tight ship

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at how to take control in facilities management

As businesses battle with tight margins, cost constraints and unwavering market uncertainty, facilities managers are under more pressure than ever to squeeze every inch out of their resources and keep a lid on costs.

The problem

Look back over the financial pages, and it’s clear that the last decade has been a testing time for British businesses. From the financial crisis to stuttering stock markets and unprecedented geopolitical events, the business community has ridden quite a storm.

Facilities management is more often than not the first port of call when budgets need to be reined in

And no matter how adept businesses have become at weathering hard times, facilities management is more often than not the first port of call when budgets need to be reined in. But rising overheads, business rates and staff costs can all fly in the face of even the noblest of efforts, making it more important than ever to retain control at all costs.

Service Insight is CBRE’s proprietary CMMS that provides streamlined maintenance and facilities management via mobile and web-based tools to manage work orders, assets and vendors. In use on our client accounts since 2002, Service Insight currently serves clients in 50 countries and 14 languages, with over 100,000 users using the software to manage 800 million square feet, and processing over 4 million work orders annually.

Service Insight: An Overview

  • Service Insight provides a solution for every role involved in work order processing
  • Powerful and easy to use interface, including advanced dashboards, robust reporting, and ad-hoc work order management
  • Web-based and mobile solutions provides access anytime, anywhere on all major devices
  • Automate preventative maintenance, dispatching, client interactions, and work order creation
  • Multi-currency, multi-language platform allows for consistent experiences globally
  • Extensive integration options with existing client technologies
  • Advanced security options, including single sign on and password policies customized for client businesses


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