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Taking charge

Nick Wright, Digital Strategist, looks at how to really get to grips with property performance

Time is money, and no more so than in commercial real estate. But the problem facing portfolio managers is that plenty more factors impinge on their bottom line – and they are not quite as easy to pinpoint as a ticking clock.

The problem

Whether you’re a portfolio manager or an occupant, it is vital that real estate works for you. And while many elements impact a building’s performance, from energy efficiency to productivity and sustainability, these can easily be identified and rectified. But add more than one property to the mix, and the sum of the parts and its overarching impact on financial performance is not quite so easy to deduce – particularly when you operate across borders and in moving markets.

CBRE's solution: Pulse

CBRE created Pulse to join the dots between real estate portfolios. Part of CBRE’s Vantage suite of pioneering technologies, Pulse has been proven to put property managers and their clients firmly in control of their buildings.

Pulse is CBRE’s proprietary Property Management digital platform. Developed internally, Pulse provides both onsite professionals and clients with seven distinct solutions via a single interface.

With Pulse, all financial and operational data required to empower the decision-making process across real estate assets is now easily sourced and actioned.

The platform continues to grow via its intelligent data and analytics functionality, its innovative self-administrated platform to assign job requests, manage insurances and inductions, and the flexibility of self-service analytics and custom reporting capabilities.

iPad real estate

Agile and accessible, mobile and secure, Pulse covers the entire spectrum of property management. Pulse provides complete reporting for lease management, financial performance, risk management, real estate operations and specialty services. Primary functionalities include lease abstraction and data management, budgeting and forecasting, transaction processing, work order management, incident management, tenant portal and business intelligence.

By connecting users with the critical data that determines their buildings’ performance, Pulse provides the insight they need to identify opportunity and make the strategic, informed decisions they need to realise this - regardless of the breadth and diversity of their holdings.

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