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Working smarter

Stella Canivenc, Host Product Manager, looks at how to boost staff productivity

Attracting and retaining top talent is the number one concern for businesses right now; the war for talent is hotting up.

But allied to this is the constant drive for productivity; once you’ve got the best people in your business, how do you keep them happy, healthy and engaged, and ensure they’re as productive as possible?

The problem

A key offshoot of the focus on talent and productivity is the evolution of the wellness agenda, which has evolved into a core pillar of CRE strategy. In part this reflects growing evidence that the quality of the workplace is a major influence on health and stress levels, that work/life balance concerns are growing and that the benefits, for instance in reduced absenteeism and increased engagement, are significant.

Smoothing out these points of friction, which build to frustrate staff and slow down their productivity, is the goal for businesses

As a result there is a trend towards companies taking a much more proactive and preventative approach to wellbeing. In this year’s EMEA Occupier Survey  80% of occupiers have, or plan to introduce, wellness programmes (up 9% on last year).

The growing focus on employee wellbeing is also reflected in broader workplace strategies. Collaboration among employees, and between employees and clients, remains the main priority. A range of other drivers – including organisational flexibility, talent retention and better space utilisation – are cited by about a third of companies.

The emphasis on people is most marked with respect to the amenities and services that companies expect to have to provide in the future. Collaboration and social spaces (74%) clearly dominate, with the second element suggesting growing encouragement of purely social interaction in the workplace.

Companies also expect to be providing a growing range of employee services such as dry cleaning and parcel delivery (48%) and enhanced front of house services such as reception and concierge (51%). Both point towards a rapidly growing focus on service and hospitality levels.

What are the barriers to productivity?

So often in a workplace, it’s the simple things that are still so difficult.

  • Why is it still not a given that we are greeted each morning by a friendly, knowledgeable person who can help us navigate our day?
  • How is it that at work we can summon a car and a four-course meal from our phones, but we can’t find our colleagues or an available conference room with ease?

Smoothing out these points of friction, which build to frustrate staff and slow down their productivity, is the goal for businesses.

CBRE's solution: Host

CBRE have developed Host to directly impact of staff productivity and wellbeing. The Host mission is to increase individual well-being, personal productivity and organizational effectiveness through people-led, technology-enabled services.

Host is a scalable product suite by CBRE, which includes people, training and technology that together create an employee-centric workplace experience:

  • People: Hosts are responsible for creating a supportive and comfortable atmosphere; welcoming visitors; and acting as air-traffic control for all employee-facing services.
  • Training and certification: World-class hospitality training and certification program, the Host Method, for CBRE or clients’ in-house “front of house” staff.
  • Technology: The experience platform, which can be tailored to specific client requirements, features a robust mobile experience that allows users to navigate the workplace, schedule meetings with colleagues, reserve workspaces, use food and beverage services, and access building and concierge services.

The Host name reflects the core attributes of all great service experiences: feeling welcomed, well cared for, and comfortable. Host builds on CBRE’s industry-leading expertise in managing facilities for corporate occupiers and properties for building owners/landlords. It also leverages CBRE’s expertise in workplace strategies and flexible space solutions.


More than 20 million people go to work in CBRE-managed buildings every day. We understand the fundamental needs and challenges people face, and have the back-end infrastructure in place to deliver solutions at scale. Our facilities and property management teams run seamlessly in the background, while Host offers an optimized user experience at the front-end.

And while the market suffers from an “app for that syndrome,” Host integrates specialist technology and end-user experience features on a single platform, enabling employees to access their workplace needs from a single app and organizations to administer building management requirements from a single, customisable platform.

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Need a solution that is customised to your business, which will directly impact on staff productivity and wellbeing? Want to upgrade your front-of-house and building facilities to a world-class level? Contact Stella Canivenc, Host Product Manager, today to find out how Host can help you boost employee satisfaction, and make your office a better place to work – or call +33 1536 433 091

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